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Johnny Cash - Bootleg, Vol II: From Memphis to Hollywood (2011) FLAC

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Quality: FLAC 16 bit / 44.1 kHz (Tracks)
Artist: Johnny Cash
Title: Bootleg, Vol II: From Memphis to Hollywood
Released: 2011
Style: Country, Folk Rock
RAR Size: 509 Mb


Disc 1

1. KWEM Announcements And Advertisements (Album Version) (0:47)
2. Johnny Cash Show Intro And Theme (Album Version) (1:38)
3. Wide Open Road (Album Version) (2:28)
4. Home Equipment Company Advertisement (Album Version) (1:17)
5. One More Ride (2:20)
6. Home Equipment Company Advertisement/Luther Perkins Intro (Album Version) (1:51)
7. Luther's Boogie (Album Version) (0:45)
8. Belshazzar Intro (Album Version) (0:43)
9. Belshazzar (Album Version) (2:19)
10. Closing Comments And Theme (Album Version) (1:26)
11. Overton Park Shell Country Music Jamboree Advertisement By Texas Bill Strength (Album Version) (1:01)
12. I Walk The Line (Early Demo) (3:04)
13. Get Rhythm (Early Demo) (2:02)
14. Train Of Love (Early Demo) (1:53)
15. Country Boy (Early Demo) (1:48)
16. My Treasure (Early Demo) (1:19)
17. Belshazzar (Early Demo) (2:20)
18. He'll Be A Friend (Early Demo) (1:47)
19. When I Think Of You (Early Demo) (1:42)
20. I Just Don't Care Enough (To Carry On) (Early Demo) (2:07)
21. I'll Cry For You (Early Demo) (2:28)
22. You're My Baby (Early Demo) (1:38)
23. Rock and Roll Ruby (Early Demo) (1:41)
24. Wide Open Road (Demo) (1:47)
25. Leave That Junk Alone (1:27)
26. Brakeman's Blues (Incomplete) (1:32)
27. Big River (Alternate Take) (3:43)
28. I Couldn't Keep from Crying (2:01)
29. New Mexico (2:05)
30. Goodnight Irene (2:38)
31. Restless Kid (Demo) (1:52)
32. It's All Over (Demo) (1:42)

Disc 2

1. All over Again (2:12)
2. You Dreamer You (1:48)
3. I'll Remember You (Album Version) (1:52)
4. Johnny Yuma Theme (1:56)
5. Five Minutes To Live (2:02)
6. The Losing Kind (1:57)
7. Locomotive Man (Single Version) (2:49)
8. Girl in Saskatoon (Single Version) (2:12)
9. There's A Mother Always Waiting (2:59)
10. Johnny Reb (Album Version) (2:53)
11. The Shifting, Whispering Sands Part II (Album Version) (2:30)
12. Send a Picture of Mother (2:51)
13. Hardin Wouldn't Run (Demo) (3:31)
14. Thunderball (2:50)
15. One Too Many Mornings (2:38)
16. The Frozen Logger (2:20)
18. Bottom Of The Mountain (2:26)
19. Put the Sugar to Bed (Single Version) (2:21)
20. You Beat All I Ever Saw (Single Version) (2:08)
21. ON THE LINE (2:19)
22. Roll Call (Single Version) (2:25)
23. The Folk Singer (3:03)
24. Six White Horses (Demo) (2:28)
25. Come Along And Ride This Train (Demo) (3:39)

Today Johnny Cash s stature as an icon of American music is commanding and significant. When it comes to singers of any genre country, Western or rockabilly; blues, folk or gospel few have achieved the height of The Man in Black. Despite his death in 2003, Cash continues to grow in influence,casting a shadow that reaches far beyond the country circle from whence he grew.

To know the tree, one must begin at the root and take in all the branches; to fully grasp Cash s old-growth legend, one must hear his earliest performances, as well as unreleased or under-promoted recordings that somehow remained out of earshot of an adoring (and still-expanding)public.

Such is the mission of the Johnny Cash Bootlegs, a series of multiple-disc packages being released in 2011 and coming years, brimming with historical importance but also delivering thoroughly enjoyable listening experiences, each programmed to stand as a captivating doorway into Cash s popular legacy as effectively as any greatest hits compilation.

Featuring previously unreleased and incredibly hard-to-find singles, demos and other rarities recorded from 1955 through the late 60s, Bootleg, Volume 2: From Memphis To Hollywood chronicles his exciting rise from local sensation to an artist of national importance, his songs reaching millions through best-selling albums and hit movies. The 57-track collection is a boon for collectors with 16 never issued recordings, plus 11 singles and 11 outtakes released digitally for the first time in the U.S. But BOOTLEG II also resonates with mainstream appeal, telling a captivating story that captures pivotal moments in Cash s far-ranging career, while reflecting the trends and transitions of those years.

11-02-2019, 21:02 91 0 aleXs
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