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Clubhits Top 200 Vol.11 (2018) FLAC

FLAC 16 bit / Electronic / Club 9-04-2018, 16:29 211 0 soundmaster All albums Various
Clubhits Top 200 Vol.11 (2018) FLAC

Quality: FLAC 16 bit / 44.1 kHz (Tracks)
Artist: Various Artists
Title: Clubhits Top 200 Vol.11
Released: 2018
Style: Dance, House
RAR Size: 1.82 Gb

Part 1
01 Agadaro - Fantasy Girl 2k17 (B.U.B. Remix)
02 Sound Of Legend - Push The Feeling On (Radio Edit)
03 Blaikz Feat. Luc - So Alive (Blackbonez Remix)
04 Rave Vegas - Hardcore Vibes (Calvo Edit)
05 Braga - Chirp
06 Felice Timbo - Watcha (Original Mix)
07 Basada - Get Get Down (Extended Mix)
08 Falko Niestolik - Bring It Back (Original Mix)
09 Agadaro - (I Just) Died In Your Arms (2k17) (Extended Mix)
10 Adam Moore - By The Way (Extended Mix)
11 Russo Aquagen - Eternity (Future House Mix)
12 Andy Aka Energy X Tale Dutch - Firefighters (Bodybangers Remix)
13 Klaas - Don't Talk (Sonny Vice Danny Carlson Remix)
14 Luca Debonaire Arnold Palmer - It Was Nothing (Extended Mix)
15 Blaikz Feat. Luc - Winning (Andrew Spencer Sunny Marleen Remix)
16 Nico Del Prato - for You (Extended Mix)
17 Valdemossa - High (Original Mix)
18 Modana - Rock All Night (Extended Mix)
19 Mark Bale Chris Packer - Get Down
20 Alexej Show - Showtime (Original Mix)
21 Floorfilla P. Moody - Work That Body (Phun Key Remix)
22 Timbo Exyt - Moneymaker (Extended Mix)
23 Mazza - Matrix (Klaas Mix)
24 Armin Kuil - Jump To The Rhythm (Club Edit)
25 Brooklyn Bounce - The Theme (Of Progressive Attack) (KC Remix)
26 Goodlife Project - You And Me (CJ Stone Mix)
27 Newclaes Keno Induze Feat. Anthony Meyer - Glue (Club Mix)
28 DJ Lia - It's The Way (Roberto Rios X Dan Sparks Remix)
29 Madness Gangsters - Geordie
30 Picco - Like I Love The Mash (Extended Mix)
31 Andrew Spencer - To Be With You (CJ Stone Remix)
32 Mazza - Live Die (Klaas Edit)
33 Sunny Marleen Feat. Blackbonez - Out Of Love (Original Mix)
34 Stefan Rio Feat. Franca Morgano - Ai No Corrida (Extended Mix)
35 Dimitri Vibe - Dont Let Go (Club Edit)
36 Adaptiv Andrew Belize - Groofy
37 Nils Van Zandt Fatman Scoop Feat. EMB - Destination Paradise (Extended Mix)
38 Steve 80 Feat. Jana Lou - Angel In Disguise (Extended Mix)
39 Sunny Marleen - I Wanna Show You (Loudway Hundred Remix)
40 David Beyer - Somebody Say Yeah (Club Edit)
41 Johnny Disco - Unsterblich (Extended Mix)
42 Perfect Pitch - Feel Good (Extended Mix)
43 Ren De La Mon DJ IQ-Talo Feat. Laura Julie - Wrong (Blaikz Mon Remix)
44 Sven Kirchhof - Firebird
45 Jayage - Nighttime (Club Mix)
46 Softpaw - IDKY (Original Mix)
47 Moore Navaro - When The Sun Goes Down (Club Mix)
48 DBN Noize Generation Feat. Terri B - Found U (Paul Vinx Vol2cat Remix)
49 Marc Kiss - So Exited (Extended Mix)
50 Kevin Courtois - Craving (Wolf Crew Remix)
51 DBN Paul Vinx - Get A Move On (Original Mix)
52 Deep Dolphin Feat. French Montana We Are Toonz - Power Of The Heart (Tale Dutch Remi
53 Paul Friends Feat. Elsa - This Time (Extended Mix)
54 Montage Feat. Flo Rida - You Got Mine (Tale Dutch Remix)
55 Jazzyfunk Stage Rockers - City Lights (Peznt Remix)
56 Mandee Feat. Maria Mathea - Superstar (Dirty Rush Gregor Es Remix)
57 Luca Debonaire - Don't Be Scared (Original Club Mix)
58 Cruze - Butterfly (Danielle Diaz Extended Remix)
59 Nutron - Fell In Love Boy (Original Mix)
60 Milk Sugar - Has Your Man Got Soul (Peznt Remix)
61 Julien Creance - All I Want Is You (Extended Edit)
62 Andrey Exx Lissat Feat. Veronica Lee - Fired Up (Original Mix)
63 Simun - Bring The Funk (Original Mix)
64 Holter Mogyoro - Hundred Lives (Juloboy Remix)
65 Just Karl Oliver Sylo - Many Nights (Original Mix)
66 Jean Beatz - Future (Original Mix)

Part 2
01 Nicola Fasano Alex Guesta Feat. Mohombi Pitbull - Another Round (Radio Edit)
02 Nello - My Light (Chico Chiquita Bragaa Remix)
03 Jay Frog Herr Mehl Feat. Tony T. Alba Kras - Lift You Up (Extended Mix)
04 Chico Chicita Feat. Nathan Brumley - Dream Made Real (Original Mix)
05 O-M Feat. Flo Rida - Last Chance (Lotus Adroid Mix)
06 Faul Wad Vs Avalanche City - I Need You (Extenden Mix)
07 Marc Korn Bert Van Engel Feat. Nicco - Addicted To You (Bodybangers Remix)
08 Loic Penillo - Take Your Place (Club Mix)
09 Dimitri Vibe - Can Control (Club Edit)
10 Nightfly Inc. - This Feeling (B.U.B. Remix)
11 DJ Lora - All Up To Maybe (Calippo Remix)
12 Dominik Koislmeyer Feat. Jimmy Burney - Damaged (Original Mix)
13 Andrew Spencer Abel Romez Feat. James Stefano - Don't Hold Back
14 Giangi Cappal Feat. Nia Martin - Black Queen (Original Mix)
15 Rosario Galati - Okay (Original Mix)
16 Helvetic Nerds - You Got To Let Go (Extended Mix)
17 Jason Chance Feat. Terri B - Take My Breath Away (Fort Arkansas Remix)
18 Manuel Baccano Chris Tate - Love Me Like You Never Did Before (Original Mix)
19 Carlsman Feat. King White - Don't Let Go (Extended Mix)
20 Moguai - Pray for Rain (Oliver Moldan Extended Remix)
21 Jan Leyk - SOS (Paul Vinx Remix)
22 Greg Gelis Feat. Idrise - Shine (Original Mix)
23 Ben Delay - No One (Superdope Mix)
24 Masch Yuko - Deeper Connection (Original Mix)
25 Calippo - Carry Me (Radio Edit)
26 Milk Sugar - Higher Higher (Robosonic Remix)
27 Colas Cage - Pillowtalk (Original Mix)
28 Disco Dice - Starlight (Original Mix)
29 Sllash Doppe - A Sex Thing (Original Mix)
30 Hoxtones Amfree Feat. Sola - Love You Down (Hoxtones Mix)
31 Vinylsurfer - Rain Dance (Original Mix)
32 Simun - When It Drops (Original Mix)
33 Nico Pusch - Festival (Original Mix)
34 Falko Niestolik Feat. Voyce - Someday (Sascha Kloeber Remix)
35 Lissat Voltaxx - Ain't Nobody (Andrey Exx 2017 Remix)
36 Leon Brooks Feat. Sahbi - Give Me Love (Extended Mix)
37 Nico Pusch - Now I Know (Original Mix)
38 Code3000 - 100 Per Cnt (Original Mix)
39 Fomichev Feat. Jacks Michelle - Lost (Original Mix)
40 Tale Dutch X Lesko - Whispers (Extended Mix)
41 Andrey Exx Nytron - Shine On Me (Misha Klein No Hopes Remix)
42 Andy B. Jones Matty Menck Feat. Ela - World To Life (Matty Menck Remix)
43 Stereo Palma Feat. Myra - Because The Night (Roberto Rios X Dan Sparks Remix)
44 Helvetic Nerds - You And The Music (Original Club Mix)
45 Stu G Feat. Gabriel Angel - Sealed Wet Lips (Me My Toothbrush Remix)
46 Wolf Krew Feat. Simon Jackman - Take Me Away (Wolf Krew Darker Dub)
47 David K. Feat. Marie Chain - Loverboy (Hagen Stoklossa Remix)
48 Marc Narrow - We Are Rainbows (Norwood Hills Remix)
49 Gotta Feat. Mick Fous - Maybellene (Mikimoto Remix)
50 Moguai Feat. Tom Cane - You'll See Me (Hugel Remix)
51 Jazzyfunk Feat. Rene - I Wanna Know (Alex Hook Remix)
52 Kori Cosby - Down (Beatnerz Remix)
53 Lokee - Back Again (Original Club Mix)
54 Lissat Voltaxx - Time Flies (Garry Ocean Remix)
55 Jako Diaz Feat. Veselina Popova - Free (Extended Mix)
56 Alexander Orue Henry D - Never Felt This Way (Original Club Mix)
57 Maniezzl Feat. David Lageder - Equal Game (Extended Mix)
58 Menace Lord - Feel Alive (Original)
59 David K. Feat. Richard - Judge Too Bad (Original)
60 DJ LBR Nyanda - Young Alive (Fred Rister Remix - Veronica Ferraro Re-Edit)
61 Axwell Shapov - Belong (Aguelando Remix)
62 Freddy Verano Feat. Natalia Doco - Comets (Hugel Remix)
63 Jane Vogue - Gravity (Blaikz Remix)
64 Mon Dylan Feat. IQ-Talo - Eye Of Storm (Blackbonez Extended Mix)
65 RR Project - Miracle Of Love (Empyre One Enderdizer Remix)
66 Calix - Motions (Origianl Extended)
67 Audiosonik X Popstick - Caught In The Middle (Lesko Remix)

Part 3
01 Chemical Surf Jazzyfunk - Yesterday Has Come (Original Club Mix)
02 Calmani Grey Feat. Chad Clemens - To The Moon And Back (Blackbonez Remix)
03 Krumm Schief - Mhairi (Original Mix)
04 Antoine Clamaran Agua Sin Gas - Feel So Good (Original Club Mix)
05 Rony Breaker Feat. Damon Trueitt - Central Park (Original Mix)
06 Abundance - Diamonds (Original Mix)
07 Bedrud Feat. Lirina - Love Savoir
08 Yves Murasca - Right On (Juloboy Remix)
09 Marcimo Feat. Oni Sky - Love Is Blind (Original Mix)
10 Tony Straw Vs. Hellm8 - Say A Prayer (Extended Mix)
11 Lee Stark IDKW - Yes I Do (Original Mix)
12 El Mukuka Feat. Kayla Jacobs - Bottle Of Loneliness (Filatov Karas Remix Edit)
13 Veltron - House Music (Original Mix)
14 Lavelle Dupree - Want U Babe (Original Mix)
15 Loui Scibi Feat. Fourfeet - More Than Enough (Deeplomatik Remix)
16 Kamaura Feat. Liam Keegan - Pretty Green Eyes (Liam Keegan David Hye Remix)
17 Skye Holland - We Could Be (Dotters Remix)
18 Christian Laute Vs. Deebiza Funk 78 - Welcome To My House (Jerry Ropero Remix)
19 Masch Yuko - My House (Original Mix)
20 Set Mo Feat. Deutsch Duke - White Dress (Original Mix)
21 N.I.C.O. - Girl Meets Boy (LYAR Extended Mix)
22 Juloboy Feat. Mougleta - Sweet Summer Sins (Original Mix)
23 Ad Brown - Don't Wanna Wait (Extended Mix)
24 Hotch Walker - Moving On (Radio Mix)
25 Dan Bass - Talkin' To Myself (Extended Mix)
26 Heimlich Feat. Jermain Fleur - Alive (Deep Radio Edit)
27 Bogenhausen - Dance With Me Now (Original Mix)
28 E-Motion Feat. Sean Paul - Born Alive (Bodybangers Extended Mix)
29 Aquarian Dreams - Love Tears (Ben Delay Remix)
30 Deejay Mimmo - The Answer (Original Mix)
31 Mario Cruz - The Message (Original Mix)
32 Hugo Gerber - The Rhythm Of The Beat (Original Mix)
33 Rosario Galati - Deep In My Chest (Yves Murasca Deeper Mix)
34 Tale Dutch X Lesko - Voices (Extended Mix)
35 Roger Horton - Your Love (DBN Remix)
36 Norwood Hills - Baiji (Original Club Mix)
37 Ben Ashton - Fall Behind (Original Mix)
38 Ben Delay - My Game (Original Mix)
39 Erick Decks Feat. Jason Anousheh - Touch Your Hips (Erick Decks Thump Funk Mix)
40 Jay Frog Amfree - Is This Love (Tom Dexx Remix)
41 Popcorn Poppers - Dancing (Original Mix)
42 Erick Decks Jay Frog Feat. Jason Anousheh - U Got Love (Club Mix)
43 Tweezy Feat. David Loga - Schatten (Extended Mix)
44 Andrea Tufo - Cuba (Original Mix)
45 Insane Stone - Day By Day (Insane Stone Mix)
46 Ilario Valencia - On The Terrace (Ibiza Mix)
47 Klingenberg - Tell Me (Extended Mix)
48 Klaas - Together (Extended Mix)
49 Deejay A.N.D.Y. Feat. Pit Bailay - Too Shy 2017 (Extended Mix)
50 David Puentez Feat. Shawnee Taylor MTS - Believe (Takedown Remix)
51 Damae - Illusion (Garry Ocean Remix)
52 Domzi - I Get Lit (Tall Order Remix)
53 Spencer Romez Feat. James Stefano - The Heat (Extended Mix)
54 Laidback Luke Ralvero Feat. Ina - XOXO (Inpetto Remix)
55 Bad Nelson Jerry Joxx - Get Up (Original Mix)
56 Art Alive - Got Ya Move (Original Mix)
57 Nils Van Zandt - Luvstruck (Original Extended Mix)
58 Vol2cat - Wonderboy (Original Mix)
59 Groove Untersttzende Manahme Feat. Amari - Time To Wonder (Club Mix)
60 Dauerchiller - A Touch Of Velvet - A Sting Of Brass (2k17) (Andrew Spencer Remix Edit)
61 Dino Brown Simo Romanus Killian Taras Feat. Gemini - Jazzy (Extended Mix)
62 Abel Romez Blaikz - Infinite (Club Mix)
63 Johnny Disco - Tanzen (Original Mix)
64 Giorno - Colors (Dave Dean Remix)
65 Alex Cortez Feat. CVB - Vienna (Extended Mix)
66 Ahzee - Stars (Extended Mix)
67 Menshee - Shining (Original Mix)

9-04-2018, 16:29 211 0 soundmaster
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